"Manchester United are arguably called the most popular football club in the world"


51 Most Asked Questions About Manchester United (And Their Answers)

Manchester United are a global powerhouse of a club that transcend nationalities and cultures in its fan’s affections. Manchester United Football Club are one of the most successful clubs in Europe with a trophy laden cabinet. Manchester United are arguably called the most popular football club in the world. They are also one the richest football club in the world, having topped the richest sports teams in the world list many times, beating the likes of National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football League (NFL) heavyweights. 

With some of the biggest names in football having played for the club, and consistent championship success through the nineties and noughties, Manchester United have found worldwide fame amongst football fans. If you’re finding out about Manchester United for the first time, you will find a lot of these questions and their answers fascinating. If you’re one of the many, many Manchester United fans worldwide, why not treat this like a Manchester United quiz to test your Manchester United trivia knowledge?

Here’s the 51 top most searched questions about Manchester United and their answers.

Q1: When was Manchester United formed?

A: Manchester United FC was founded as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in the year 1878

Q2: When did Newton Heath FC change its name to Manchester United?

A: Newton Heath LYR Football Club officially changed its name to Manchester United in the year 1902

Q3: What is the name of Manchester United’s Stadium?

A: Manchester United’s stadium name is Old Trafford. It is where the MUFC team plays its home games

Q4: How old is Old Trafford?

A: Old Trafford became the official home ground for Man Utd in 1910

Q5: Where did Manchester United play their home games before Old Trafford?

A: MUFC (previously, Newton Heath LYR Football Club) played their home games at a ground in Clayton called North Road and Bank Street

Q6: Where is Old Trafford located?

A: The official address of Manchester United’s home stadium Old Trafford is listed as: Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, Manchester M16 0RA, UK

Q7: Why is Old Trafford named Old Trafford?

A: MUFC’s stadium Old Trafford is named so because it is situated in an area that has the same name- “Old Trafford”, located in the Greater Manchester area of the nation of England

Q8: What is Old Trafford’s  capacity?

A: The Old Trafford stadium has a capacity of holding 76,000 fans

Q9: Who built Old Trafford?

A: Manchester United Chairman in 1909, John Henry Davies felt the Manchester city based club had outgrown its old Bank Street ground in Clayton. He donated funds for the construction of a new stadium that would become Old Trafford and found a site for it near the Bridgewater Canal in Greater Manchester

Q10: Who designed Old Trafford?

A: Old Trafford was designed by a Scottish architect named Archibald Leitch

Q11: What is Manchester United’s training ground name?

A: Manchester United’s training ground is called the Trafford Training Center (currently named the Aon Training Complex in 2019 for sponsorship reasons)

Q12: What was Man Utd’s training ground before Trafford Training Center?

A: Manchester United training ground before moving to the Trafford Training Center in the year 2000, was The Cliff

Q13: What is The Cliff?

A: The Cliff is a multi-purpose sports field located in Salford near the banks of River Irwell. It served as the training ground for Manchester United men’s football team from 1933 to 1999

Q14: Which league do Manchester United play in?

A: MUFC plays in the English Premier League, which the top-most domestic football league in England. Manchester United also take part in two other domestic competitions in England- the English FA Cup, and the English League Cup

Q15: How many fans do Manchester United have?

A: According to a survey by Kantar, published in an article in Forbes Magazine in the year 2012, Manchester United Football Club had 659 million followers at the time. The breakdown of the survey, showed Manchester United soccer club had around 71 million fans in the Americas, 90 million across Europe, 173 million over in the Middle East and Africa, and over 325 million in the Asia Pacific region with over 108 million fans in China.


Q16: What is Manchester United’s nickname?

A: Manchester United football club’s nickname is “The Red Devils”

Q17: What was Manchester United’s nickname before being called “The Red Devils”?

A: Manchester United were nicknamed “The Heathens” before the 1970s owing to their beginnings as Newton Heath LYR Football Club

Q18: What is Manchester United’s official mascot?

A: Manchester United’s mascot is called “Fred the Red”. It is a figurine “red devil”

Q19: Since when has “Fred the Red” been Manchester United’s official mascot?

A: “Fred the Red” has been Manchester United’s mascot since 1970

Q20: When did the “Red Devil” first appear on the Manchester United badge?

A: The symbolic “Red Devil” first appeared on a Manchester United badge in the year 1970

Q21: How did Manchester United get the nickname “The Red Devils”?

A: According to an article, published in The Sun newspaper in the UK, Manchester United changed their official nickname to “The Red Devils” in the year 1970. Although, the term was originally used to describe one of Salford city’s dominant rugby league teams by a French Newspaper as Les Diables Rouges in 1934

Q22: What was Manchester United’s mascot before “Fred the Red”?

A: Manchester United had 5 mascots in their early years before eventually settling on “Fred the Red” in 1970. They were:

Manchester United mascot number 1: “Michael- the Bank Street Canary” in the 1890s

Manchester United mascot number 2: “Major- the Saint Bernard Dog” from 1902 to 1905/06

Manchester United mascot number 3: “Billy- the Goat” from 1905/06 to 1909

Manchester United mascot number 4: “Hoppy Thorne- the One-legged Wonder” from the 1930s to 1940s

Manchester United mascot number 5: “Jack Irons” from the late 1940s to 1963

Q23: What was Man United’s first official game?

A: Manchester United (still playing as Newton Heath LYR Football Club) competed in their first recorded match on 20th November, 1880

Q24: Who did Manchester United have their first official game against?

A: Man Utd (still as Newton Heath) played their first match against Bolton Wanderer’s reserve team. They were defeated 6-0 in the game

Q25: What is Manchester United’s net worth? 

A: According to Forbes list of the most valuable football clubs, Manchester United has a net worth of $4.1 billion dollars (£3.1 billion pounds) in 2019 



Q26: Who owns Manchester United?

A: Manchester United have been owned and operated by the Glazer family since 2005

Q27: How much did the Glazer family buy Manchester United for?

A: The Glazer family eventually bought out all other shareholders and gained complete ownership of the club for an estimated £800 million pounds

Q28: Who are the Glazer family?

A: The Glazers are an American business family that owns and operates multiple sports teams around the world, including Manchester United

Q29: Which other sports teams does the Glazer family own?

A: The Glazer family also owns the American football team- the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who play in the National Football League (NFL)

Q30: When did Manchester United go IPO?

A: Manchester United PLC first went IPO on 10th August, 2012

Q31: On which stock exchange is Manchester United listed?

A: Manchester United PLC as a business entity is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Q32: What are Manchester United shares worth?

A: On its initial public offering, Manchester United shares were worth $14. In April 2019, they are worth $19.97

Q33: Where can I buy Manchester United shares?

A: You can buy shares in Manchester United PLC through online trading websites like

Q33: How many times have Manchester United won the English Premier League?

A: Manchester United have won the English Premier League (EPL) and the old English First Division, a combined 20 times. This is record number of all-time wins for a club in 2019. The club have won the domestic top division in the following seasons:

1907/1908 | 1910/1911 | 1951/1952 | 1955/1956 | 1956/1957 | 1964/1965 | 1966/1967 | 1992/1993 |1993/1994 | 1995/1996 | 1996/1997 | 1998/1999 | 1999/2000 | 2000/2001 | 2002/2003 | 2006/2007 | 2007/2008 | 2008/2009 | 2010/2011 | 2012/2013

Q34: How many have Manchester United won the English FA Cup?

A: Manchester United have won the English FA Cup 12 times. They were in the following seasons:

1908/1909 | 1947/1948 | 1962/1963 | 1976/1977 | 1982/1983 | 1984/1985 | 1989/1990 | 1993/1994 | 1995/1996 | 1998/1999 | 2003/2004 | 2015/2016

Q35: How many times have Manchester United won the English League Cup?

A: Manchester United have won the English League Cup 5 times. They were in the following seasons:

1991/1992 | 2005/2006 | 2008/2009 | 2009/2010 | 2016/2017

Q36: How many times have Manchester United won the UEFA Champions League?

A: Manchester United football club have won the UEFA Champions League (old European Cup) 3 times. They were in the following seasons:

1967/1968 | 1998/1999 | 2007/2008

Q37: How many times have Manchester United won the UEFA Europa League?

A: Manchester United have the Europa League once in the 2016/2017 season

Q38: How many times have Manchester United won the English Community Shield?

A: MUFC have won the English Community Shield (FA Charity Shield) 21 times. They were in the following seasons:

1908 | 1911| 1952 | 1956 | 1957 | 1965 (shared) | 1967 (shared) | 1977 (shared) | 1983 | 1990 (shared) | 1993| 1994| 1996 | 1997 | 2003 | 2007 | 2008| 2010 | 2011| 2013 | 2016

Q39: How many times have Manchester United won the FIFA Club World Cup?

A: Manchester United have the FIFA Club World Cup once in the 2008 season

Q40: How many times have Manchester United won the Intercontinental Cup?

A: Manchester United have the Intercontinental Cup once in the 1999 season

Q41: How many times have Manchester United won the European Cup Winners’ Cup?

A: Manchester United have the European Cup Winners’ Cup once in the 1990/1991 season

Q42: How many times have Manchester United won the European Super Cup?

A: Manchester United have the European Super Cup once in the 1990/1991 season

Q43: Which year did Manchester United win the treble?

A: Manchester United won the famous treble of the English Premier League, the English FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League in the same season in 1998/1999

Q44: When was the Manchester United Women’s team formed?

A: The Manchester United Women’s football team was formed on 28 May 2018

Q45: Which league do the Manchester United Women’s football team play in?

A: The Manchester United Women’s team plays in the FA Women’s Championship

Q46: What is the name of Manchester United’s TV Channel?

A: Manchester United’s official TV Channel is called MUTV

Q48: When did MUTV start?

A: Manchester United Television (MUTV) was formed in 1998

Q49: When did MUTV do its first broadcast?

A: Manchester United’s official TV Channel- MUTV did its first broadcast on 10th September, 1998

Q50: How many countries does MUTV broadcast in?

A: According to Reuters, MUTV channel is broadcast across 165 countries through satellite carriers, cable, and mobile app based subscriptions

Q51: Where can I download the MUTV app?

A: The official MUTV app is available for download on both Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple store for iPhone users

(Three Bonus Questions)

Q: How can I buy tickets to Manchester United games?

A: MUFC only sells matchday tickets for English Premier League home games at Old Trafford to official members. To become a member and check for ticket availability and pricing, visit Manchester United’s official website:

Q: What is the MU foundation?

A: The MU foundation is a non-profit charitable organization managed and run by MUFC that uses football to engage and unite communities. You can visit the foundation at: You can also ask for signed items for your charity event from the club at:

Q: When is Manchester United’s next game? 

A: You can check out Man Utd’s fixture list on Manchester United’s official website at: Read another article? Try! 

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