"FC BARCELONA football club spent the highest on salaries in 2018"


Top 10 Highest-Paying Sports Teams in the World (2018 Edition)

What are the top 10 highest paying sports teams in the world in 2018? Which sporting teams pay the highest salaries? Which sporting teams spend the most on players in 2018? Here, we take a look at the 10 highest paying sports teams.

According to Sporting Intelligence‘s yearly Global Sports Salaries survey that analyzes data for  first-team/ senior team pay for 349 different teams, from 8 different sports, across 18 sporting leagues around the globes. Here we list the top 10 teams that spend the most on players.

Number-10) Manchester United Football Club (English Premier League)

Manchester United is England’s most successful football team (2018). The soccer giants boast the highest number of English First Division (now English Premier League) league championship wins at 20 (till 2018). The second richest sporting entity in the world and the richest football club in the world (2018)- Manchester United FC spend an astounding $8.60 million (€7.62) million on average pay per player.

Number-9) Juventus Football Club (Italian Serie A)

Juventus Football Club is an Italian professional football team based out of Turin, Piedmont. The team racked up the massive transfer coup of signing global superstar Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid FC in Spain in 2018. The Italian giants spend an average of $8.85 million (€7.84) million per player, but Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also one of the highest paid athletes in the world (2018) takes home an annual salary of $33.9 million (€30.0) million alone.

Number-8) Miami Heat (National Basketball Association) 

The first entrant on the list from one of the richest sporting leagues in the world- America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) league is its team from Miami, Florida. Basketball team Miami Heat spend $9.26 million (€8.20) million on average pay per player. The Miami Heat’s highest-paid player for 2018 was Hassan Whiteside who raked in $24.4 million (€21.6) million. 

Number-7) Houston Rockets (National Basketball Association)

Coming in at number 7 is another entry from the National Basketball Association (NBA) leagueHouston Rockets. The Houston Rockets team was originally formed as the San Diego Rockets in San Diego, in 1967 and moved to Houston in 1971. The Houston Rockets spend an average of $9.85 million (€8.72 million) per player in 2018. Their highest paid player is Chris Paul who earns $35.7 million (€31.6 million) annually.


Number-6) Toronto Raptors (National Basketball Association)

The Toronto Raptors, another team from the NBA spend $9.97 million (€8.83 million) on average pay per player in 2018. The team was formed as part of the NBA’s expansion into Canada in 1995. The Toronto Raptors play their home games at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario.

Number-5) Washington Wizards (National Basketball Association)

The team representing the capital city of the United States of America- Washington in the National Basketball Association (NBA) league comes in at number 5. One of the biggest names from basketball, Michael Jordan went on to become the Washington Wizards’ President of Basketball Operations and a minority owner in January 2000. The team spends an average of $10.0 million (€8.86 million) per player in 2018.

Number-4) Golden State Warriors (National Basketball Association)

Keeping the list going for America’s most popular basketball league in the world- the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Golden State Warriors team makes the list at number 4. This team from Oakland, California spends $10.3 million (€9.12) million on average pay per player. The team’s highest earning member was Stephen Curry who totaled earnings of $37.5 million (€33.2 million) in 2018. 

Number-3) Oklahoma City Thunder (National Basketball Association)

The Oklahoma City Thunder team completes the string of 6 straight entries from the NBA on to the Top 10 list of highest paying teams in the world. The team paid an average of $10.3 million (€9.12 million) pay per player in 2018 and the highest earner was Russell Westbrook at $35.7 million (€31.6 million) per year.

Number-2) Real Madrid Football Club (Spanish La Liga)

Real Madrid are one the biggest football clubs in the world, hailing from the capital city of Madrid, Spain. Having won their third consecutive UEFA Champions League in the world, the team boasted a host of superstars within their ranks that led to them being 2nd on the list. Global superstars cost more to keep, and Welsh international Gareth Bale took home $23.2 million (€20.6 million) in 2018. The team spent an average of $10.6 million (€9.39 million) per player.

Number-1) Barcelona Football Club (Spanish La Liga)

Fiercest rivals of our number 2 entry, Barcelona football club are also one of the biggest clubs in the world from the Spanish La Liga. The “El Classico” derby between Real Madrid v/s Barcelona is watched by over a billion viewers around the world. The club also homes Lionel Messi, who is also the highest earner in the team at $33.1 million (€29.3 million). Barcelona FC spent $13.8 million (€12.2 million) on average pay per player in 2018. Done with this article? Read another. Try!

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